This change to the employment contract (the “amendment”) dates from May 2, 2008 and amends the employment contract of January 20, 2006 as amended on July 11, 2007 (the “employment contract”) between NEW FRONTIER MEDIA, INC. (“New Frontier”) and IRA BAHR (“Executive”). Unless otherwise defined, all terms in bulk used have the meaning assigned to them in the employment contract. In light of the above and other good and valuable counterparties, including the continued employment of the executive in the NFMs, which are recognized for their reception and adequacy, the Executive and the NFM agree that Section 3 “EARLY TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT,” Sub-Part C) “WITHOUT CAUSE” is amended in the sense that “or in the event of a change of control within the meaning of Section 5” and “in the case of the executive being another location during the duration of the agreement, that his remuneration from that other job be used to reduce New Frontier`s payment obligations under this agreement. All other conditions of the employment contract that have not been expressly amended remain fully in force. This amendment includes, together with the employment contract, all the conditions agreed by the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement. All agreements, promises, negotiations and prior assurances, oral or written, relating to the purpose of the amendment or the employment contract which are not expressly stipulated in this amendment or in the Employment Convention, are neither effective nor effective. Any declaration of waiver, amendment or amendment to the provisions of this amendment is valid only if it is written and signed by both parties. This change can be made in up to two counter-pieces, each considered original, but together constituting the same instrument. (ii) transfer of New Frontier`s executive offices outside the Boulder, Colorado area; or (C) NON-COMPETE. In the event of voluntary dismissal, the executive is free to seek employment elsewhere, regardless of whether a potential employer is a competitor to New Frontier.

(B) CHANGES IN EMPLOYMENT CONDITIONS. In the event of a change of control and in the event that New Frontier subsequently amends one of the following amendments, the Executive is authorized to voluntarily terminate its employment with New Frontier (“Voluntary Termination”): IN WITNESS WHEREOF, ABC Company and Employee have executed and delivered this agreement on the date specified below.