SOCIÉTÉ has or intends to conclude a medical services agreement with PLAN, the “TPA Agreement.” It is important to understand that these agreements must be verified by your company before being used to ensure that all items applicable to your particular environment are included (or excluded). Each facility officer, collateral management officer, coordinator, documentation bank, arranger and lender authorizes the security officer to perform the duties, obligations and responsibilities and to exercise the rights, powers, authorities and discretions that have been specifically granted to the security guard in connection with financial documents and all multi-party agreements and other related rights. , powers, governments and discretionary powers. Confirm that you have entered into your TPA agreement and have received a business partner ID. Each borrower finds that all amounts payable under a multi-party agreement and Deutsche Bank facility are paid into the collection account in the currency of the borrower concerned. A TPA defines how trading partners interact in transportation, document exchange and business protocol. A TPA contains the terms and conditions of the contract, the roles of participant (buyer, seller), communication and security protocols and business processes (valid actions, sequencing rules, etc.). In order to avoid any doubt, from time to time, any TopBuild Matching Deductible claim will be dealt with as part of the transfer and acceptance agreement and in accordance with the TPA agreement, subject to LTS instructions. In the context of papiNet, the TPA therefore defines a specific implementation of the papiNet standard between two parts by papiNet proposes a TPA (Trading Partner Agreement) model for your use in the development of your own TPA at the beginning of the exchange of electronic documents between B2B partners.