The variants were presented to members after weeks of negotiations, which have now been agreed to facilitate the reopening of west end theatres to the public. The agreement will enter into force on September 24, 2020 and will be reviewed every four months starting in January 2022. The majority of equity members will not vote on this agreement, and some will be very convinced that they should be able to vote – either because they have not yet worked on the West End agreement, but they could very well work in the next year, or because they have a west end experience, but outside the parameters that we have set for the vote – that is, those who have worked on the west end agreement over the three years from 5 October 2020. Our role is to represent the complex and different needs of our members in negotiations with these unions. For more information on individual chords, click on the icons below. Equity is a union of 48,000 employees in the entertainment industry. Some of them have never worked on the West End agreement for performers and stage managers (and never will) because they are directors or designers, and they are working on another union arrangement, or because they are part of our 10,000 variety members – comedians, burlesque performers, cabaret artists, etc. SHORT-TIME WORKING – Shows will probably be reopened with shorter weeks of show, at least initially, when the public regains confidence to travel on public transport, sit together in theaters, etc. No matter how many performances are scheduled, no one is paid on a pro-rata basis for less than 5 shows in a week. Employers all intend to move as fast as possible at 8 or more per week. A copy of the Temporary Variation Agreement can be downloaded, but in summary these are the main changes: the SOLT/Equity agreement is renegotiated every four years. The last “normal” negotiations took place in early 2019 and, on that date, each member who participated in the agreement prior to the renegotiation was involved in the priorities of our claim and then obtained a vote. In 2023, when the agreement is negotiated next time, each member who has worked on the SOLT/Equity West End agreement will be questioned and put to a vote when negotiations are completed.