Representatives of the Trump administration acknowledged that securing a Phase 2 agreement with Beijing would require many difficult questions. One of them is, like China`s demand that U.S. companies must store certain electronic business data in China and not outside the country, must be overcome to operate there. Day 316: May 16, 2019 – The United States places Huawei on its “entity list” and prohibits the purchase of the American company Wang Shouwen, China`s vice minister of trade, at a press conference in Beijing, that both sides have made “considerable progress” and that the United States would abolish “phase by phase” tariffs, indicating that countries have expressed a readiness to backtrack in the future if additional agreements are reached. China`s Ministry of Commerce announces that a formal case has been filed with the WTO against the United States because of its tariffs on solar panels, because U.S. tariffs have harmed China`s trade interests. The World Trade Organization (WTO) said Friday that China could impose countervailing sanctions on U.S. imports worth $3.6 billion because the United States does not comply with anti-dumping rules on Chinese products. The announcement centres on a WTO case that originated almost six years ago, long before the trade war. But on Friday, November 8, U.S. President Donald Trump appeared to contradict his own trade representatives. He told reporters: “China would like to have a bit of rollback, not a complete flashback, because they know I won`t.” The chances of a trade agreement being signed before the end of the year are therefore unclear. According to Caixin, Chinese Vice Premier Liu He called for calm in the face of the recent escalation of threats of trade war.

Liu reportedly told an audience that China “strongly opposes” the recent escalation of the trade war. Liu also said the escalation of the trade war was “contrary to the interests of China, the United States and the world.” Later, US President Donald Trump told the media: “China last night called our trade men and said, “Let`s get back to the table,” so we`ll come back to the table and I think they want to do something.”